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The Best Jackfruit Chyken

roasted jackfruit on a bed of fresh greens

Jackfruit is one of those things that can be really good or really not so good. I was sort of tired of the basic BBQ jackfruit, pulled "pork" jackfruit and all of the above. I was ready to take on the jackfruit chyken territory!

One thing in specific I was looking to create with this recipe is a better texture... like more of a meaty texture with less moisture. Also, a quick vegan meat option. This recipe only takes around 15 minutes!

The secret to this perfect texture is draining and pressing out as much liquid from the canned jackfruit as possible.

I personally haven't tried fresh or frozen jackfruit, (I have never found it at the store!) so I'm not sure if those would be less water logged. I just love the convenience of this in a can. It takes on flavors really well and is high in vitamin C and iron, plus many antioxidants. You can look up the benefits.

roasted jackfruit on a bed of fresh greens

Look at that texture! Doesn't it look like shredded chicken breast? EXCEPT VEGAN! Yes!!!

We aren't missing anything here, friends!

This jackfruit chyken is perfect as an alternative for chicken salad, wraps, topping for a salad, on pasta, tacos, a sandwich or about anything you can think of.

Below shows a picture of the jackfruit after being strained and pressed from the remaining liquid. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just try to get all of the excess liquid out so we can get some bite to it.

canned jackfruit on a plate

trader joes vegan chicken-less seasoning salt

This is the chicken-less seasoning salt I like to use. You can use your own brand or a homemade version if you wish.

Here is a homemade recipe for mock chicken seasoning!

canned jackfruit on a sheet pan for roasting

Ready for the oven! This is after we've thoroughly coated our jackfruit with the seasonings, liquid smoke & avocado oil.

I've left quite a few big chunks and also some more broken down bits.

The Best Jackfruit Chyken (V + GF)

Servings: 3-4

Time: 15-20 min


1 (15 oz.) can jackfruit in water or brine (not sweetened)

1/2 tsp. coconut sugar

1 tsp chicken-less seasoning salt (I use Trader Joe's brand!)

1/4 tsp. garlic powder

1/4 tsp. liquid smoke

1 TB avocado oil

Sprinkle of pepper


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Get out sheet pan and line with parchment paper.

Drain your jackfruit in a colander. Use a clean towel or paper towels to soak up as much liquid as you can. You can use your beautiful hands too! Just take a few chunks and squeeze the water out. When most of the water is out, place jackfruit in bowl.

Add all of your seasonings, liquid smoke and oil. Gently use your hands to spread the seasonings over the jackfruit so it's all distributed nicely. Try not to break the jackfruit chunks up too much, some chunky pieces are really yummy!

Spread your jackfruit out on the sheet pan. Roast in oven for 12-15 minutes or until it has a nice golden color and the top is a little dried out/crispy!

Remove from oven and use however you see fit.

This heats up again well and lasts for around 4 days in the fridge.


I recommend jackfruit in water. It can be difficult to find though. If you use jackfruit in brine, use a bit less seasoning salt at first. Taste, then add more if it's not overly salty!

Also, you can easily double or triple this recipe! Just make sure you don't overcrowd the jackfruit when you bake. Spread it out with plenty of space so it can get nicely cooked.

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