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Pure Vibrancy

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Meet Kali Dawn

the visionary holistic chef and owner of "Pure Vibrancy," a thriving meal prep and catering business. With a background in culinary arts, nutrition, dietetics, and spiritual wellbeing, Kali specializes in creating clean, whole food recipes that not only make life easier but also uplift and nourish the body and soul. Her innovative recipes and dedication to using the finest ingredients create a harmonious blend of flavors, textures, and nutrients, leaving a lasting impact on her clientele. Beyond being a chef, Kali acts as a mentor, inspiring others to embrace a vibrant, wellness-focused lifestyle through the power of food. Through "Pure Vibrancy," Kali continues to redefine the culinary experience, infusing each dish with positive intentions and spreading the joy of holistic eating far and wide.

Meet Rachel S.

Rachel is a perpetual optimist and a naturally gifted home cook. She attributes her culinary prowess to the guidance of her best friend and Pure Vibrancy culinary partner, Kali. Imbued with intentionality, Rachel approaches every opportunity, interaction, and culinary creation as a meaningful expression of joy and purpose.

With a background in customer service at the Walt Disney Company, Rachel brings her enchanting personality to her role as Sous Chef and Catering Director at Pure Vibrancy. Her experience and passion for coordinating events and weddings add an organized flair to her culinary endeavors, ensuring that each occasion becomes a memorable and seamless experience. Rachel's positive approach shines through in every aspect of her work, making her a guiding light in the kitchen and beyond.



Leading empowering programs through a non-profit

Our mission with a future Pure Vibrancy nonprofit is to empower individuals and communities through transformative programs. We would offer support in various areas, including alcohol and substance abuse recovery, mental healthcare facilities, as well as educational initiatives in schools and youth programs.

We would provide comprehensive courses, like these below, that are designed to create holistic well-being and elevate your vibrational state:

  • Understanding the Mind-Body-Food Connection: Learn how food profoundly influences both your mental and physical state, discovering the symbiotic relationship between nutrition and well-being.

  • Meditation for Enhanced Wellness: Explore the integration of meditation techniques to soothe the nervous system. Discover how these practices promote better digestion and enhance the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Healing from Within: Uncover strategies to address and transform stored trauma within the body and mind. These techniques unlock our untapped potential by removing obstacles that hinder our self-evolution.

  • Harmonizing Food and Water Energies: Explore the vibrational nature of food and water. Learn how consuming them with intention and gratitude can amplify your energy and promote a positive state of being.

At Pure Vibrancy, we're committed to spreading awareness and knowledge that elevates lives and contributes to a healthier and happier world.

Through your support of Pure Vibrancy, programs like these could become a reality in the near future. We are taking baby steps, growing this business as much as we can, and working to connect with the right individuals in order to make something amazing like this happen.

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