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Life purpose thoughts

How can you find the right path for your highest fulfillment?

Since I was a freshman in high school, I’ve had so much focus placed on my career… where I would go to college… how much money I was expected to make… what kind of grades I need to earn to get to that college or get through college. To be completely honest, I didn’t even enjoy school all that much. Sure, it was great to see friends and go to art class, but I had this gross, gloomy feeling every morning I got up for school. I think I just disliked the idea of all these adults having preconceived expectations of me. Like… hello? We’re all individuals with our own learning style and interests. One size doesn’t fit all. I felt a bit suffocated in attempt to fit in and make everyone happy.

I also felt super stressed out when I thought about my career path. Like I said, there was so much focus placed on this…but, what was never mentioned, was the matter of would this career make me feel fulfilled or not? Would it make me happy? Could I do this career for an entire lifetime?

Difficult question, right? I couldn’t answer that at age 17. So… what do you do?

In order to find my highest fulfillment, I have chosen to take my life day-by-day. I go with the flow…: ) I’ve worked as a waitress, barista, bartender, store manager, funeral home assistant and much, much more. The beautiful thing is that I’ve learned about LIFE through all of these jobs. They are BLESSINGS! They’ve taught me more than just customer care, mixing a drink, or filling out sales summaries. I believe we must take pride in everything we do. Each job you show up for is teaching you some type of skill. These skills all build on each other. For me, these have ranged from technical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills all the way to respect, communication and self-awareness… and so forth. You must utilize these to carry on into another job and then another, until you find what fits you perfectly.

See what presents itself to you.

What is knocking at your door?

This (my) generation is finding that we don’t have to stick to the same career for our whole life. We are ever-changing beings… not designed to sit stagnant in any one career / life path if we choose not to. We can change our minds. We can go backward and forward. It’s all part of our personal journey.

Don’t be scared to try different jobs, move to a new place, explore, travel and TALK to people. Really listen and connect. It is SO much deeper than taking those “what career is right for me?” tests in high school.

Don’t make decisions based on fear.

I first and always suggest mediation. It has been my God send, my therapy, my alignment, the open door to my highest self. I’ve learned uncountable things about myself through meditation. I have a list of wonderfully guided meditations at the bottom of this former blog post.

My second suggestion to you is to make a list of the things you love. It can be comprised of people, places, objects, services, games, styles, foods, and dreams. Anything that makes you feel a good and wholesome feeling. :) 

This list is your template. This is your setting for inspiration. Through this list, you’ll be able to gather and group together the most important things to you. The things that bring you joy. The things that get you excited about life. It sounds so simple, but it can really bring forth some beautiful ideas! Piece together potential business ideas with this beautiful list. Write down the things you believe in or the things you want to make better. It’s your list. Through this you have the potential to draw in or manifest your (maybe unknown) career and life goals. 

Never forget, Joy is the true goal here. #joymindset

love, kali

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