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How I found happiness through daily ritual

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I have been feeling so happy.

Blissful. At ease.

I didn’t realize this was a feasible way of life for me. I’m sure most of you can relate. We feel as though we have so many expectations to live up to. We never really ask ourselves what we truly want. We concern ourselves with so many other things and people that we become blind to our own inner light.

We become numb to the beauty of just being alive.

I have had so many changes in my life this past year and most of all, these last few months. Most of the time you aren’t even planning these crazy changes, but the universe knows when you are ready. I needed change. I couldn’t see then, but I see now.

I give much credit to my daily practices and routines. Words of love and devotion to myself. Asking myself what I really want in my life. Being honest with myself. Setting intentions. Accepting new opportunities and people into my life. Making room for myself to grow.

I want to share with you, to inspire and encourage, my advice for more happiness in your life.

For the entire month of October, I made a commitment to myself to practice meditation every single day (find my favorite guided meditations at the bottom of this post). I kept my commitment true. It was my first real move to explore my mind in the deepest way. It broke down walls for me. There were times where I would cry and cry during my meditation because I realized how much hurt and negativity I had brushed off and put to the side. These past hurts and feelings were not given the attention I should have given them.

I realized how I needed to honor these feelings.

They will continue to lurk in the depths of your body until you give them light and accept them for exactly what they are. Shame. Guilt. FEAR. We feel these feelings and we never nurture them. That is what I released in my month of daily meditation. It can bring tears and a bit of dis-ease, but it is the only way I could let go. I give my whole being love… so that means I give all of these emotions love. What ever you are confining in yourself, you can release it.

Meditation is CLEANSING.

I had no intention besides becoming a little bit more joyous and relaxed when I came into my practice. I didn’t know how it would work. I’m still not entirely sure how it works. I just believe it allows you to connect with your highest self and assists in giving light to what you truly need for growth.

We ultimately have this knowledge within us. We just have to be willing to discover it. We are a part of our Creator, because we are the creation. We are divinity.

Living life on earth is obviously not a simple walk in the park. It is hard to not get caught up in “humanly” things. Material items. Money. Image. I’m not saying any of these things are bad or wrong. It is just easy to become disembodied when your focus becomes so fixed on these things. Meditation brings clarity and connection to yourself. It makes me come into tune. To realize that I am SO much more than all of this. To realize that my goal is to just… be… and to grow and learn from this life on earth. We are here to better ourselves. We are here to embrace love. This means loving yourself and all others. This means letting go and accepting that every situation is adamant to our growth. Every situation in your life is necessary. You are a soul having a human experience.

When I came to accept this, I changed.

I let things be.

I know it is all part of a bigger picture. I may not see the bigger picture right away, but I know I can find comfort in the fact that I am learning from it all. I am taking what I can from every experience and using it as I feel necessary.

Nothing is coincidence.

What else has been adding layers of joy into my life?


It is a complete connection of body and breath through movement.

I feel strong. I feel humbled. I feel whole!

I’ve always felt it was so crucial for me to get my exercise through weights and cardio. I know so many people who thrive from this and that is perfectly beautiful. I also love it.

I love yoga more though.

It gets fiery energy running through my body. It makes me sweat. It makes me strong. It makes me feel beautiful.

Find your muse.

If weights and heavy-lifting resonate with you, then do it. If running five miles resonates with you, then run. If dancing wildly in your living room to loud jam-band music resonates with you, then dance baby!

Move your body. Connect to your body. Give it praise. Give it love!

I practice yoga almost every day now. I light some yummy incense (my favorite is Triloka – Hawaiian High). I breathe and connect to my temple! Sometimes I do my own flow or I will use my favorite yoga youtuber (Yoga with Adriene) to help guide me. Every morning is different. I am now aware of my body. Yoga will invite you to become more attentive of any tightness or stagnant energy. I have realized how important it is to listen to my body.

I’m also mindful about saying only positive things about my body. After all, it does a lot for me.

Kindness to yourself speaks the highest volume.

You show others how to love you by the way you love yourself.

I’ve also embraced the concept of minimalism.

I wouldn’t call myself a true minimalist by any stretch, but I have drastically downsized the amount of stuff I have.

It is so freeing to declutter. We don’t need all of the junk! I reduced my clothing by half. I don’t have knick knack crap. I don’t need it. Mostly everything in my space has a purpose.

I can focus better with less. A clean, bright and open living space is so critical for my optimal mental health.

Take a look around your home. What is necessary and what is not? Purge!

I have my own little self-care ritual right after I wake up.

I make my bed. For me, it is accomplishing the very first task of my day. I believe it encourages productivity and keeps it keeps my space tidy. I do 20 minutes of oil-pulling (read why I do this here) whilst doing a little bit of cleaning around the house or washing my face.

I make some kind of delicious drink for myself. I love dark, organic French-pressed coffee! I also will make fruit and veggie smoothies and hot teas. Depends on my mood. This morning time is so important to me. I sip on my drink and sit at my kitchen table or sometimes I will sit in the front window of my house in the sweet sunshine.

I then start my meditation or my yoga practice. I usually do one in the morning and then the other later in the day. Find what works for you. I just like to meditate before I leave the house for the day.

My idea of a morning used to be getting up and watching some toxic television show for several hours or eating a large, unhealthy breakfast that immediately drained me. I have now, thankfully, figured out how to treat myself better. My breakfast is now (almost) always healthy and energizing. I also started listening to incredibly educational and motivational podcasts that I adore (find my favorites at the bottom).

The thing about these daily rituals is that you’ve got to find what serves you the best.

Do what you envision your best self would do.

As we near the end of the year, it is the perfect time to set new intentions. Be open to what you want to manifest in your life in the coming year.

What can add to your happiness? Be real with yourself. Honor yourself and your desires. Don’t be afraid. There is purpose in everything.

My favorite guided meditation podcasts:

-        Meditation Minis with Chel Hamilton

-        Tune into You – Meditation Podcast with Jennifer Davoust

-        Meditation Oasis

You can also find so many wonderful guided meditations on YouTube!

Podcasts I could listen to all day:

-        Awaken Radio – Hosted by Connie Chapman

-        Mindful Living Spiritual Awakening with Marijo Puleo, PhD

-        Heroine with Majo

-        The Astral Hustle with Cory Allen

-        The Rich Roll Podcast

-        Ordinary Vegan – Hosted by Nancy Montuori

love, kali

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