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Hello! I'm Kali. 

I believe that global transformation begins with self-transformation.

Kali is a holistic health and lifestyle coach with a focus on non-toxic, organic, and plant-based living. She began her plant-based journey in 2017, which led to her spiritual awakening. She is fueled by a drive to uplift humanity through connection & gratitude, which she implements through all of her cooking, eating, and drinking.

Inspired by her sheer love for food, Kali studied culinary arts professionally and went on to learn more about health and wellness by graduating with a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. She is currently enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and building her business as a holistic health coach.

On Pure Vibrancy, Kali shares recipes for high vibrational food, the magic of holistic care for the body, nurturing the soul with meditation and gratitude, connecting to the body through movement, and guidance to simply listen to the innate wisdom we all hold within so we can tap into the answers we seek.


The world is waking up. We are seeing ourselves as the brilliant bright soul we are. We are here for a divine purpose and there is no denying it!


It's time to rediscover your vibrancy!


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Image by Rod Long
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