Welcome friends!

I am Kali and I created this blog to share my love for all things vegan with the world. I truly believe that becoming plant-based can change your life. There is no need to harm animals, the planet, or our bodies!

Since becoming vegan in October 2017, my perspective has entirely shifted. I feel as if something very heavy was lifted from me. My eyes are open and willing to see the truth. This lifestyle has changed me physically, mentally, and spiritually in such a positive way. My desire is that this journey can be similar for everyone.

I was trained in culinary school a few years ago and I learned a great amount from wonderful instructors, but I have to say, it has been so much fun learning to cook in a whole new way. Vegan cooking has been a creative outlet for me in comparison to my former cooking habits.

In addition to delicious recipes and yummy plant foods, you will find lifestyle tips and advice so you can continue to help the world be a better place!

I am SO happy I get to share this content with you.

I hope that by visiting my site you will find true inspiration to become vegan… or at least, test the waters.

Peace & love forever,


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